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        What Cathay Logistics Can Provide for Your Business?

        A 150 thousand m2 of marble's slabs market is able to accommodate 2 million m2 of expositions and marketing.16 diamond-saw platforms in factories are able to provide 2 million m2 of material processing per year. 400 thousand m2 of blocks deposit are able to accommodate 500 thousands cube meters of blocks; Furthermore it will be even possible to select a building model (terraced house)in order to decorate it and show the material from the company' quarries.

        Financial service: consulting services regarding tariffs and customs regulations, custom clearance, stone material storage will soon be available.Furthermore, under the company request, our staff will also be available to act as a representative for your company providing important commercial services such as: presentation of samples and material to the customers, characteristics explanation, support in dealing with the customers for orders, paper work and any relative activities. Every detail will be reported to the company.

        A technological million dollars online stone portal will enable business customers to access to online and not online information, keep contact with their buyers, and check their deposits in real time. Stone consulting will be another important service available under request. A company can be helped in the purchasing of stone and understanding the possibility and the potential for its materials in the Chinese market through in depth market research.

        Stone fairs and events with designers, real estate companies and buyers will be regularly organized. Furthermore, companies which desire to promote particular products and intend to market new stone products and materials will be helped with the promotion and the networking in all aspects. The material deposited in the center will be promoted through different media, magazines, TV stations, radio broadcasting, external advertising and other promotion ways to provide a 360° advertising and promotion system.

        Cathay International Stone Trading Center Welcome You!*

        1) 20,000㎡ of blocks deposit will be ready from early December 2013. Other deposits are expected to be ready at the end of 2014.
        2) The 500 strips stores will be available from March 2014 and have already been fully booked.
        3) The slabs market and the factory will be functioning from May 2014
        During the Xiamen Stone fair shuttle bus service available to visit the project

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