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        How to market your material in China?

        In the last 20 years Shuitou has developed extremely fast. From a small coastal village with scarce stone and experience in stone material, it has nowadays become the biggest collection and distribution center of stone material in China and the biggest processing and trading center of stone material in the world. Shuitou influence towards the worldwide stone industry has been growing through the years. At present, stone materials from all over the world come to Shuitou to be shown to the world. How to get a spot in Shuitou stone market is the challenge that any stone business would like to win.

        Transported from all over the world, the stone blocks are brought to the dock where with containers or bulk cargos arrived to Xiamen port or Quanzhou port. There are as well some companies which directly send their slabs within containers and once they get to the port they are transported by track to Shuitou.

        The Chinese customs charges no tariff on imported blocks and unpolished slabs, 10% tariff on polished slabs, and 17% of VAT on all three. Customs examines the price declaration which cannot be lower than the price approved by the custom

        At present, the cost of transportation of a container from Xiamen port to Shuitou cannot be higher than 500 US $/container. The cargo bulks sent to Xiamen port and Quanzhou port can be charged around 10 US $ of unloading fees for each ton, the cost of the transportation to Shuitou is around 12 US $/cube meter

        Shuitou has a huge trading market of marble slabs and a vast blocks deposit. The cost of the deposit of blocks is around 20 US$ dollars for cube meter every half a year. The cost of the space for a bin of slabs (around 50 m2 of slabs) in the slabs trading market is around 20-40 US$ every month.*

        *Prices might change according to the market fluctuations

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